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Empowering veterinary students through our one-to-one model.

Texas Tech University Students and Staff

The value of practical knowledge, I think, is something that Butterfly and Texas Tech have in common, and the practicality of medicine and applying this technology is something they're both passionate about.”

TTU School of Veterinary Medicine Student

TeleGuidance and university enrichment.

Sean M. Perry, DVM, PhD and Janis Joslin, DVM

“The Butterfly iQ Vet will revolutionize the accessibility of ultrasound to veterinary patients. This will allow clinicians to diagnose and develop therapeutic plans for patients faster and put an emphasis on treatment options for patients. It allows for excellent imaging quality in remote locations, making this the perfect field ultrasound for researchers and wildlife veterinarians. This is an ultrasound that can fit in your pocket.”

Sean Perry, DVM, PhD

General practice.

Rafael O’Halloran, DVM and Valerie Wilson, DVM

“The iQ Vet is a revolutionary product. It is small and portable while producing high quality ultrasound images. The presets are our favorite aspect: they simplify the process for the general practitioner to get high quality images quickly. We use it daily, and it has become an essential tool in our hospital.”

Aurora Animal Hospital, Terrytown, LA

Shelter medicine.


"I was excited to use Butterfly iQ Vet for its extreme portability. The ability to use it in the field in resource-scarce environments has made diagnostic imaging a possibility for so many shelters. I also really like that it's a cloud-based system, so I can collect images and then share them with my peers or back to a specialist if needed for help with interpretation."

Operation Catnip, Gainesville, FL

Shelter medicine.

William Ehrig, VMD

“The Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound has been a lifesaver for animals in the shelter. From emergency diagnostic imaging to confirming a suspected pregnancy, the Butterfly iQ Vet ultrasound has improved the quality of care available to our shelter animals by allowing us to safely and effectively treat animals in shelter without needing transport to outside hospitals. This has allowed us to avoid delays in treatment and decrease the cost of care for our shelter animals. Our appreciation for having this high quality mobile ultrasound grows daily as it continues to help the animals in our care.”

SPCA of Anne Arundel County

Equine sports medicine.

Cooper Willams, VMD, DACVMSR and Magda Stewart, DVM

“This incredible piece of technology is like having multiple transducers in one easy to use handheld device. True whole-body imaging in one device, and viewed on an iPhone or iPad. You can go to a case, have immediate boot-up, perform your sonogram, and if needed, share your images for immediate consultation.  The images are high-quality.  Unlike conventional ultrasound technology, where transducers have fixed abilities, programming can be performed to continue improving the Butterfly images. The price makes it affordable for every veterinarian and veterinary student. Even a 20 person veterinary practice could purchase 20 units for the cost of one standard ultrasound machine.”

Equine Sports Medicine of Maryland

“What struck me the most at first was its versatility and how easy and intuitive the software was to use. Going from cardiac ultrasound to rule out pericardial effusion in a dog, to musculoskeletal imaging in horses to diagnose ligamentous injuries, or even using it as ultrasound guidance to perform a cystocentesis on a tiger.”

Valentin Janvier, DVM, DACVR
Clinical Instructor, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

“The Butterfly iQ Vet represents a level of accessibility and affordability never before available to veterinary medicine.  For the first time ever, small clinics, rural veterinary practices, and shelter medicine programs will have the opportunity to offer high-level ultrasound imaging to their clients and patients.”

SallyAnne L. DeNotta, DVM, PhD, DACVIM
Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida

“The ability to obtain high quality abdominal and musculoskeletal images with the same probe is unique and improves the efficiency of workflow tremendously.”

Tim Ober, DVM
John R Steele & Associates, Team Veterinarian, United States Olympic Show Jumping Team

“Butterfly literally wowed me with its capabilities -- all the way from superficial tendon imaging through needle guided injections and deep structures like the hip joint. Amazing power and resolution that even cuts through some hairy horses without necessarily clipping. Instant gratification, for sure.”

Nick Kleider DVM, DACVSMR, ISELP certified
Kleider Veterinary Services

“Big fancy systems are always so intimidating to new learners but with the Butterfly iQ Vet, the platform is intuitive, the presets are already there, and they already have all the technology they need to be ready to use it if they have an iPad or iPhone. I am excited to use this in my courses so that the students can become familiar enough with basic echocardiographic imaging to confidently and correctly use this day 1 as a DVM.”

Amara Estrada, DVM, DACVIM
University of Florida (Gainesville) College of Veterinary Medicine, Professor and Association Chair for Instruction -- SA Cardiology